Monday, November 5, 2012

Winter Knitting

As our days are getting colder (and a tad colder than usual for North Carolina!), I've been rummaging through my Ravelry queue, deciding what I want to knit when my classes are over until January.  I think a scarf or two are in order, specifically these patterns:

Golden Dreams Scarf

I love the intricate cable effect of Golden Dreams, and doesn't Nicholas look like it would be so warm and cozy?  All of Jane Richmond's patterns look warm and cozy, now that I think about it.

Ambling along the queue, I came across my tab for cowls.  Cowls are so much fun to make and so easier to wear!  These are a few of my faves at the moment:

5th Avenue Infinity Cowl
Bertrand Louis

What are you knitting right now?  Or, dreaming about knitting?  Are you like me and in classes and don't have time to breathe, let alone knit?

Along with the dreaming of knitting, I've been thinking up new colorways, if I can get back to the pots after classes!  For those of you who are in full-swing winter knitting mode, we still have some gorgeous colors in our worsted weight available in the shop!  Maybe you fancy an autumnal color, like either of the Mushrooms?

 Mushroom the Light

Or maybe you're dreaming of warmer weather and want to put some Spring in your step!

  Rosey Posey

Either way, I hope you'll stop by our worsted section for your winter knitting needs!


  1. Hi there! Popping over from Soulemama. Imagine my surprise to come across a fellow North Carolinian! You have some lovely yarn here, which sent me over to etsy and...Wow! Great colors! Thanks for the inspiration (just learning this stuff myself). Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you! It's always nice to find a fellow North Carolinian online :)

      Thank you so much!!


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