Friday, December 14, 2012

HUGE Christmas/End of Year Sale

Merry Christmas!

I have a Christmas surprise for everyone!  After Christmas, I had planned on doing a huge 'end of year' sale to make room for new yarns and fibers in 2013.  Well, after closer consideration, I decided to put up the sale before Christmas. 

If you are still checking your list and checking it twice, pop on over to our shop on Etsy to view our ginormous sale!  I'm sure you'll find something for a yarnie on your list ;)

Everything is listed at whole sale price and will be until it's gone!  In addition to making room for new yarn and fiber next year, I am reevaluating the direction of the shop and the items I list.  Dyeing yarn/fiber is not the only crafting that I do and love.  Thus, I'm considering expanding the shop a bit to other items that are not yarn/fiber related.

Stay tuned and happy shopping!

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