Thursday, November 10, 2011


Knitters, I need your help.

Let's say you were knitting a shawl and that shawl is a Damson.  And, well, let's say that you didn't look at the pattern correctly and notice that the yardage requirements are 440 yards.  Yes, and then maybe you decided on your yarn, which happened to be Sunflower Yarns Fitzwilliam in Columbus.  Gorgeous color.  You love knitting with it.  So, you're knitting along and you notice that your yarn cake is getting smaller, faster than you think it should.  Hrm.  You keep knitting in denial.  Then denial rushes out of the room and reality sets in and you reach the end of the skein.  Hrm.  That's not quite right, you say.  You look back at the pattern.  Hrm... 440 yards.  Surely that's how much I had ... Then you look at the skein band.  Um, no.  It was not 440 yards that you had.  It was most definitely 400.

So, what would you do if you found yourself in the middle of this situation and can't buy any more of that colorway (or any colorway, for that matter.  let's just be frank).  This is a 'work with what you've got' kind of thing.

Would you:

(a.1) knit on in a different yarn/similar color?
(a.2) knit on in a different yarn/different color?
(b) rip it back and knit it on smaller needles
(c) rip it back and knit a different shawl with the Columbus
(d) rip it back, wind it up, save Columbus for something else and knit Damson in another yarn

And, for reference:

Sunflower Yarns Fitzwilliam in Columbus (isn't it gorgeous?)

Knit Picks Palette in Asphalt Heather

Definitely not perfect matches but ... close?  Maybe?  As far as knitting in a different color .. I was thinking maybe a cream?  Ooh, or maybe a pink?  or purple.  Okay, let's be honest, I'm not really thinking anything specific.

I need halp!


  1. If you're worried about ripping back (or just don't want to) I definitely say go with a different color. It can look really cool! Just make sure that you change the color at a place that makes sense, even if you have to rip back a bit to get there.

    Can't wait to see what you end up with! :)


  2. honestly? i would do some maths, and pull back to do a smaller shawl to try to keep it as much columbus as possible. you can always use a little knit picks to help finish it up, if you need to. also, peruse the damson projects on ravelry and see if anyone else had a similar problem and came up with a solution that feels right to you.


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