Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter Knitting

As I'm plugging away at the increase rows for my Damson, non-shawl projects have been creeping into my mental queue.  When I'm done with this shawl knitting, I'm going to begin a furious attempt at getting my winter knitting caught up.

Some projects that I have lined up are hats for the hubby, the boys, and the girl.  I have yarn set aside for a Botanic Hat (rav link) for my husband.  I made a Stephen West hat for him last year and it's still one of his favorites.  I think the Botanic will be a hit, too.

The boys are into superheroes like it's nobody's business.  I have a skein each of blue tweed and red tweed for their hats.  I'm going to wing it, pattern-wise, and use this chart in an alternating color (blue hat/red star and vice versa).  And I'm 99.9% sure that I have some sort of white yarn lurking around in my stash.  For their mittens this year, I'll be utilizing this pattern and doing some colorwork on the palms.  My husband had a really cool idea for their mittens -- do a white circle on the palm to represent 'Iron Man's powers.'  I think the boys will enjoy that!

For the girl, it will be easy peasy.  She has no idea what she's wearing anyway (she's almost 1), so I get to pick!  This hat is so, so sweet.  I'll be doing it in a lilac heathered yarn.

In other winter knitting news, I need to start my Christmas knitting.  Will is due for some knitted socks, so that's been stuck in the queue.  Since I've made about a bajillion (okay ... just 7 so far...)  shawls this year, they will definitely be used for Christmas gifts.  They've all been washed/blocked/folded.  I just have to decide who is getting what and wrap it!

What kind of winter knitting are you doing right now?  Any plans in the works?

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